Water quality testing is generally a requirement by law to make sure there are no harmful bacteria or substances leaching into your water supply.

We use specialist testing labs to produce water quality reports with a quick turnaround.

Our sterilisation equipment is specified accordingly depending on those results to meet current water regulations.

UV Sterilisers

Ultraviolet sterilisation is the most commonly used method of killing harmful bacteria within water.

We offer competitive prices on ultraviolet systems from the UV housing to the sleeve and the lamp. We always try to size the equipment properly for the application to reduce energy consumption over time.

Water quality testing is also something we undertake and use the results to help specify the correct equipment.

Please contact us for a quote for your water testing or UV steriliser. We supply the whole of the North West of England. We are based in Lancashire, but cover up to the borders of Scotland including Cumbria, Yorkshire and Northumberland.

Water Testing & Sterilisation