Boreholes or water wells, whichever you prefer to call them, are a great solution for properties or businesses that are either off grid or have an inadequate water supply.

The list of reasons as to why a higher yielding system may be required are endless, but if you do feel like your water supply isn’t providing water like it should, a borehole may be an avenue to investigate.

As with anything else, we can assess your situation and hopefully give you several options as to the way forward. Boreholes aren’t always appropriate depending on their location, but hopefully we’ll be able to use experience and give you a good idea as to whether a borehole is a good idea or not.

Boreholes can lead to big cost savings for useage water supplies. Please contact us for a quote for a borehole or water well across the North West. We are based in Lancashire, but cover up to the borders of Scotland including Cumbria, Yorkshire and Northumberland.

Borehole Drilling