We offer a wide range of water pumps for all water pumping applications. We can sell and install sump pumps as rising water or flood defence, or submersible pumps for pumping out of tanks or boreholes.

We know that reputation counts for a lot and that’s why after selling all kinds of different types, shapes, sizes and manufacturers of pumps over the years, we know which brands perform well and last a long time and we will only install water pumps we know will be reliable, preform well and offer best value for money.

We can install anything from the most basic single phase sump pump to highly complex 3 phase computer control drive operated high load submersible pumps capable of delivering vast amounts of water quickly and efficiently. All our new pumps carry a manufacturer and labour warranty.

Please contact us today for a quote for your water pump and installation if required. We service the whole of the North West of England. We are based in Lancashire, but cover up to the borders of Scotland including Cumbria, Yorkshire and Northumberland.

Water Pump